How often do you empty your SD card from your camera? Do you still have images sitting on a hard drive unseen and untouched? If so, you may be suffering from the side-effects of the digital era. You need to get those images off your computer/camera/memory card and into your life. You need a print artist. That is where I come in.


What is a Print Artist? You may ask. I thought you were a photographer?


Well the answer is yes and yes. But many self-proclaimed professional photographers in this digital era have failed not only their profession, but YOU as well. Digital is all the rage, but digital can also be erased or vanish in seconds. It just takes one hard drive crash. Then your memories are also gone.


As a print artist I want the work I have created for you to welcome you home everyday. I want your memories to be on display so that you can look around you as you sit tired from a long day at work and smile.


Every session includes a complimentary wall evaluation. I take images of your walls in your home and design collages and groupings that fit your home and your style. You are able to see exactly what your portraits that I have created will look like in your home and at what size. That way you can be confident knowing what size will work the best for your space (probably something that has kept you up many a night trying to figure out and has prevented you from ordering that wall portrait from your last birthday party). As a print artist I have visited with professional labs and studied their products in depth. I know their quality and durability. I can tell you how many generations your wall art will see.


Many consumer labs use a brash process on their prints. This means in 5-10 years time those prints may warp, change color because of dyes in the paper, and lose their density/quality.


Each product, I offer has been hand-selected by me for its quality and longevity so that I can guarantee a 3+ generation life. Digital images currently have a life rate on average of 3 years if not backed up in multiple locations as files can become corrupted and hard drives can die. This makes the quality of your prints that much more important.


You may be asking yourself “Well what is the difference between printing it myself and having the photographer print it?”


Each image you order from me is once again processed for the type of product you select. When an image file goes to print the image can be stretched or compressed for the size you need. This can cause a downgrade in sharpness and quality. This means there is a completely new file of that same image for an 8×10 mounted and for that same image as a 20×30 Metal print. The labs that I work with have also been color tested to match my calibrated monitor. Computer monitors quite often do not render the color of the image you are viewing accurately. This is why I usually shy away from online galleries as they are not accurate representations of my work because your monitor may be quite offset. Quite often images will appear blue on most monitors. I promise you that I did not edit you to look like a smurf. Many consumer labs do not regularly calibrate their printers as well – which may turn you into a oompa loompa instead.


When it comes down to it there is no better printer than your photographer. You chose your photographer based on their work and style. Only they can guarantee that their work is properly represented on the products that they have chosen because they have done the research on what works with their style best.


I do not guarantee the quality of any print not printed directly through me. I cannot be held responsible for the quality of any final output once a file leaves my possession because of the variations of what can go wrong listed above. I also do not provide technical assistance with the files or printing because that is the service I provide for each print purchased through me only.


So hire a Print Artist – get those images off your screen and into your life. Rest assured knowing you won’t look like a smurf and that you got the right size. This goes for albums too. When you order an album somewhere it may turn out horrible. And then you’ve put a lot of money and time into ordering and designing it, and then you have to reorder it which takes more time and money. In the end you are stressed, frustrated, and don’t want to deal with it anymore. When you hire a print artist like myself. I make sure you never experience that. We quality control all our artwork and make sure it is absolutely perfect as an amazing addition to your home.


Be confident and go with a Print Artist.