Fresh Boutique 4 Girls Fashion Camp Runway Reel

Fresh Boutique 4 Girls is probably one of my favorite stores in Louisville, KY. My top when it comes to finding outfits for your next photo session. The bright, bold, and textured clothing they offer fits my photographic style for your teen portraits and it is of the latest in teen style.  Their womens section is also expanding and is a must for your next shopping trip.

FRESH is actually an acronym for: Fun, Respectful, Empowering, Stylish, & Happy. Their personal goal is to instill these traits into all of their customers by providing confidence-boosting style. Unlike many stores, they don’t hide behind a counter as you shop. They are all about serving you and finding the perfect outfits just for you. FRESH adds a unique personal experience for each of their customers. They strive to make personal connection with you as you shop and provide you with outfits that are going to make you shine. It doesn’t take long to notice amidst their racks of dresses and between their cute emoji plushies that their staff really cares.

Ray Davis Photography (this louisville photographer focused on tween, teen, and senior photography) has partnered with Fresh Boutique 4 Girls to provide an even better experience. FRESH recently hosted a Summer Fashion Camp. Their campers took on daily fashion tasks to create new outfits, new accessories and made their own creative designs. You can check out a few behind the scenes from their facebook live videos during the event. On the last day, Ray Davis Photography had the honor to photograph their Fashion Runway. They showed off their favorite FRESH outfits and then wardrobe changed to their own designs. Before the show, Ray Davis Photography who specializes in teen photography also took each camper aside for their own tween pictures. The video reel from above shows only a portion of the tween portraits captured that day.

It was a blast! I loved working with each girl and providing them with gorgeous portraits. As much as I love making them feel beautiful, I also got to walk away feeling fabulous as one little girl told me “You are so beautiful!” That feeling is what I wish to convey to everyone that nervously steps in front of my camera at first. It is that moment of positive affirmation and revelation they make about themselves upon seeing their pictures in their hands that I strive for.

If you are sad you missed out, no worries! FRESH is hosting another Summer Fashion Camp week in July and yes, I’ll be there on the Runway! So head on over to Westport Village in Louisville, KY to sign up.

From child portraits to senior pictures, FRESH has an outfit for you. Ray Davis Photography loves FRESH so much that I have provided all FRESH customers with a special offer. When you invest $150 in FRESH clothing you will get $50 off your session. I even take it a step further. If you invest $300, you will receive a complimentary session to show off your new threads. Pretty crazy right? Part of a successful portrait starts with what you wear. I want to thank you for investing in yourself because you are every bit worthy to do so. It is time you invested in you. Schedule a hair cut, buy some new threads here, and schedule a photosession to celebrate YOU.

It is about so much more than a photo. It is about valuing yourself and building confidence in your tween or teen. A portrait on the wall is a daily reminder of how beautiful you are, how brilliant you are, how radiant you are, and that you are every bit worthy to feel that way. Many kids (like myself once did) go years without a professional portrait other than that dreaded school photo. It isn’t until our senior year of high school that we are given that chance. My goal is to change that, especially for tweens and teens. These are the last stages of their childhood and they deserve to be remembered just like their senior portraits because by that time they have already grown into young women. My personal agenda is to capture their personality, their style, their favorite things NOW because those things will all too quickly change.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for camp, buy some new threads, then schedule your tween session or senior photography session with me. Start the process below: