Louisville photographer Ray Davis Launching Radiant Renegades

Radiant Renegades is launching February 8th! Which also just so happens to be my Birthday!!! Woohoo!

I have been working for over a year to finally bring this program to light. It is something that is very near and dear to my heart. It is my mission to make everyone I meet feel – RADIANT.

As a Louisville photographer, I am often told by people why they haven’t scheduled a session yet: “I’m just not photogenic”, “I just need to lose more weight”, “I just can’t stand (insert body part)”. In particular, I have noticed that these worries have also made their way down into the next generation. The media presents an ideal self, defining a “perfect” set of qualities ranging from body type, to behavior, and on to what fads are “in”.  Thanks to these media campaigns, tweens to high school seniors are already well aware of their perceived shortcomings reinforced by society.

These years for them are a time of confidence building, a time of discovering who they are amongst the noise of media and advertisements. It can be difficult to find and embrace your own Radiance. That is why I am launching the Radiant Renegades – a fun confidence-boosting team of tweens and high school seniors. It encourages embracing your own unique personality and style.

There will be more details going out at the launch. For those that sign up for early dibs will get the application sent straight to their inbox on launch day!