Realize your radiance as a Radiant Renegade. Be empowered through custom sessions and fun team building event shoot outs! Trust me, it is going to be AMAZING! Scroll down to learn more and get access to the application!

Radiant Renegades are an exclusive team of tweens ages (9-14) and 2018 Graduating Seniors! Who is a Radiant Renegade? Anyone who believes in themselves, anyone who strives to embrace their own personality and most of all LOVES themselves and others. Living truly radiant lives.

Radiant Renegades will have access to fun and free styled sessions throughout the year. They will get to participate in fun events designed just for them. Allowing them to feel both beautiful and empowered.  My personal goal with this team of Radiant Renegades is to change the way they see themselves, to show them how RADIANT they truly are!

Radiant Renegade Perks

Radiant Renegades will have special events throughout the year. Participation is required for at least 3 of the events.

Here is a sneak at the Radiant Renegade Theme Calendar:

Flower Crown Crafting Shoot Out

Prom Day

Tween Princess/Superhero day

Nerd Day

Roar ( Animal Makeup Day (additional hair and makeup cost)

Plus several more!

And of course all Radiant Renegades will also have their own personal styled session to show off their own talents and personalities.

If you would love to learn more or get access to the theme calendar, sign up below!

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