Louisville Photographer Ray Davis
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Hello there! I’m Ray!

Your Photographer and Confidence Advocate!

I could be like other photographers and capture everything – weddings, landscapes, babies – but that doesn’t set my heart on fire.


What sparks my fire is tearing that cloak of negative self-image off you that was given to you as society’s hand-me-down.


You are RADIANT just as you are and at every stage of your life. You deserve vibrant memories of your youth that capture your brilliant personality. I thrive on those moments, capturing the all too sudden changes as you grow into a young adult. (Parents: It happens quickly – and do you really want the only memory of that freckled-face to be a few blurry cell pics and a year book photo?)


My Mission is to empower tween and teen girls with the words of a single portrait that showcases their unique beauty and talents. My mission is to empower women at every stage of their lives and to celebrate their journey.



Don’t be afraid to shine. You are brilliant, worthy, beautiful, & Radiant!

Empower Now. Cherish Forever.


Allow Louisville Professional Photographer, Ray Davis, to create portraits of you and your family that you will be able to view and love every day. Give yourself or your child the boost of confidence you didn’t know you needed with fine are portraits that empower you/her now and that you both will cherish forever.